Latest MAPS consumer behaviour data is available

The Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) has announced the release of the latest MAPS™ (Marketing All Product Survey) data, now accessible to its subscribers and their designated agencies. Spanning October 2022 to September 2023, this dataset offers invaluable insights into consumer media habits and product consumption patterns.

Johann Koster, CEO of MRF, underscores the significance of these quarterly data releases, emphasising their role in providing users with the most current and comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviours. “The quarterly updates of MAPS data offer a nuanced perspective on consumer media engagement and spending habits, painting a detailed picture crucial for informed decision-making,” says Koster.

With a dataset spanning over three years, dating back to July 2020, MAPS provides an unparalleled depth of information for analysing shifts in consumer behaviour over time. Whether examining year-on-year changes, seasonal variations, or quarterly trends, MAPS serves as an indispensable strategic resource in navigating today’s dynamic marketing landscape.

Looking ahead, Koster highlights the upcoming release scheduled for May, which will encompass the entire 2023 calendar year. This presents a unique opportunity for subscribers to conduct a comprehensive comparison spanning three complete calendar years, facilitating deeper insights and informed strategies for the future.

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