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The MRF releases MAPS Wave 1 data

The Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) has made available a limited release of the demographics and segmentation of the first wave of MAPS (Marketing All Product Survey) data to all users. This data can be accessed via all software bureaux. “We’re extremely excited to share topline MAPS Wave 1 results with the media and advertising industry,” […]


The MRF announces first MAPS data

The Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) is pleased to announce the availability of the latest Marketing All Product Survey (MAPS) data, the most comprehensive brands and products research in South Africa. The MRF will be hosting a virtual webinar to introduce MAPS to the media, marketing and advertising industry on Thursday, 25 March 2021. “This is […]

It’s here! MAPS goes into the field!

The Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA) and the Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) are delighted to announce that MAPS, the long-awaited products and brands replacement survey for AMPS, will officially start collecting valuable consumer insights from July 2019. MAPS is a modernised, updated and enhanced survey focused on consumer insights. Built on the legacy of […]